Slow Feed Hay Nets


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  • Heave Duty and Huge Capacity: Same material as professional climbing rope, our slow feeding bag is very durable. Made of Nylon, each rope was braided with 8 strands, making it last longer. The slow feeder is 40″ long and can hold up to 3 to 4 flakes once. The weight limitation is about 14 lbs
  • Easy to Work With: Weighs 12 Ounce only, the hay net is easy to be hang up by a single person. The diameter of the opening is more than 24 inch when it is fully streched, which makes it easy to load flakes. Soft yet durable, freezing fingers in cold weather could work with it easily.
  • Good for Horses’ Digestion: With the small mesh measures 2*2″, the length of time it took a horse to get through the hay doubles. Which effectively reduce the risk of gastric ulcers and suffer less digestive discomfort and aren’t obsessing over food during the time between feedings
  • Save 50% of your hay: With SFN slow feed hay nets, you can hang the hay off the ground. Animals waste 50% less hay than they would without a net, meaning your hay will last much longer and you need less work with the messy ground
  • Mimic Nature Grazing: Slowing down hay intake prevents the horse from having an empty stomach for long periods of time. Stretching out the time it takes for horses to eat hay keeps it busy for longer time and horses that are busy eating are less likely to find other troublesome ways, such as fight with each other, to occupy themselves.


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