Knotless Slow Feed Hay Net


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  • Dimension and capacity: 2 available sizes for you to choose: 63″*40″, which can hold up to a whole 120lbs 3 string hay bale or 3/4 round bale; 35″ * 31″, which can hold up to 40 lbs
  • High quality material: The hay net is made of cutton-like durable terylene and polypropylene, softer and more wear resistance than traditional nylon ones. Ensures a steady use and gentle on horses lips and muzzles.
  • Knotless Design: With the knotless netting design, owners don’t have to worry about dental damage caused by knots. Best choice for old horses and horses with sensitive gum and mouth
  • Easy to Use: The net come with 2 carabiner clips, 2 handle rings at each end and 1 support tie in the middle, you can hang up the net in the stall, on a trailer or fasten it in a box easily. The opening is very big and easy to fill
  • Reduce Waste: The hole of the net mesures 1.2″. Animals waste 50% less hay than they would without a net, meaning your hay will last much longer and you need less work with the messy ground


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