Two Actionable Ways To Help You Fill Slow Feed Hay Nets In Three Minutes

Hi, Jack here from Slow Feed Nets. I’m continuing my blog series on natural horse-keeping methods and today I’m going to talk about how to fill slow feed hay nets for horses.

The hay net is a great feeding option. I actually prefer the hay net when using grasses hay because that helps eliminate the waste. Whereas the feed bag uses alfalfa, it doesn’t come out of the holes easily. The particular hay net is designed with small spacing to help eliminate waste.

However, when you’re using hay nets, it can be really challenging to get the flakes of hay in hey nets. So today I want to show you two super easy ways of how you can fill hay nets. Then maybe it’ll be a viable option for you to feed your horses by using hay nets. Now let me show you how to fill hay nets.

The following would demonstrate these two ways step by step. The easiest way to fill a horse hay net, I suppose, is using a can. But if you don’t have a big can, you can choose the second way, which uses no tools.

Utilizing a big container

If you do have a can or a container that is big enough, you’d better try this way.

You’d better wear gloves before you get started when you are filling up the hay nets because it makes it a little bit easier, and you don’t get poked with all of the hay.

In order to fill your hay nets easily, the first thing you’re going to need is a big container, such as a trash can. Then you take the hay net and if its ends are separated, you could make a square knot. Because it would be inconvenient if the nets completely come apart, while you’re opening the hay net up and putting it over the trash can. Then you just open up the hay net and put it into the trash can and fold the top down over.

Next, once you start filling up the hay net with the hay, you need to shake it into the net to separate out the hay. I find it would be better if you just put one flake at a time. When it starts coming up on the edges, you just need to push it back down and keep going on. If you get close to the top, you could shake the hay. Then you should untie this little knot that you made before and tie one knot down at the bottom like this. Next and then you have a hay net all ready to get hung up and feed hungry horses.

slow feeder horse hay net

Without using any tools

When using a small amount or a large amount of hay, I find it easy to leave the hay on the ground and just put the hay net over the top.

As you get it covered, then you can turn it back over, pull up your sides, give it a good shake, and then you’re ready to go.

horse hay net nylon

Other Tips:

  • This is critical that you’d hang the hay bag high enough that a horse can’t get its front feet in it when pawing or traveling in the trailer. I like to go around a couple of times if you have a ring or a piece of pipe. And then half hitch your loop, so that it’s secure and the horse can untie it with its mouth while it’s feeding.
  • It is easier if you have multiple hay nets that are full and ready to feed. Therefore, you don’t have to spend as much time packing up the hay nets when you’re getting ready to feed your horses. This is especially helpful for me because I work from Monday through Friday, so I can do their meals the night before. I just put them out in the morning and then they get to eat and they’re super happy.

I hope you found these tips useful, especially if you’ve been considering using hay nets for your horses for feeding.

slow feed hay nets hanging

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Do you have a better way to fill slow feed hay nets?

Are there any questions relating to horse hay nets?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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