horse halter and lead rope


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  • Suitable Breeds: Suitable for mature horse over 4 years old, with a shoulder height of 5.25 ft.Fit well on adult Quarter horse,buckskin, Ferghana Horses and horses with large head. Rope halter can be very helpful when training a horse with knots applying pressure to control the horse.
  • Durable: Made of polypropylene, which is of great abrasion resistant property, the halter is heavy duty and will not shrink with water in rainy days.
  • Stiff without Stretch: Our horse halter and lead rope sets is very tough and so that the shape of the halter keeps well and horses can be more reactive to it. The rope is very strong and rarely stretch.
  • Hand Braided: SFN horse halter is a one piece design and was purely hand braided. We have 2 colors for you to choose from: black with pink hint and burgundy with cream hint.
  • Easy to use: The nose piece is soft as well as the hand hold directly under the halter and gives a firm grip area when doing a tight control on the horse. The lead rope is nice and soft and large enough for an easy grip for large hands.It is easy to tie up to hitch rings.


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