Horse Feed Bag With Adjustable Strap


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  • Provide Your Horse Happy Meal: No one will like to battle for food, so do horses. The feed bag allows the horse to keep the food his own while you feed him with grain, powder or soaked hay. No more worry to fight with other horses for food or keep watching out others frmm stealing his food.
  • Spill Proof Design to Reduce Waste: There is a no-waste lip in the bag to catch grain and prevent the food from falling off when horses raise or shake their heads. This is very useful if horses are fed with powders, pills or other supplements.
  • Comfortable to Use and Horse Friendly: In order to reduce the rub of the seam crossing on horses’ nose and muzzle, we have put every seam crossing on the side facing outside. The woven mesh allows the horse to breath as they’re eating and let the water flow through to prevent horses from chocking or drowing by the water trapped inside
  • Reinforced design with Solid Buttom. Made of strong bistratal 600D oxford fabric, which is reinforced the middle and has strong double stitching all around the side. It’s hard for horses to eat through and the frim buttom kepps the food up, so the horses can get all of the food.
  • Size(about):
    Medium: 9 inches in diameter, 10inches in height, the length of the strap is 39 inches
    Large: 13inches in diameter, 14inches in height,the length of the strap is 44 inches


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