Horse Feed Bag for Grain


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  • Upgraded Reinforced Buttom with Solid Seam: To avoid the buttom from seperating from the mesh easily, we have installed another thick lining between the mesh and the buttom to increase bearing surface. So that the feed bag will stand with aggresive eater better and serve a longer life than others.
  • Comfortable for Horse Use: Soft pad installed on the strap is to reduce pressure on horse’ head and neck, the anti abrasion bumper on bag’s edge is going to decrease the wears and tears on horse’s nose dramatically. To provide maximum comfort to horses, we have put every tough seam on the facing-out side.
  • Provide Your Horse Happy Meal: No one will like to battle for food, so do horses. The feed bag allows the horse to keep the food his own while you feed him with grain, powder or soaked hay. No more worry to fight with other horses for food or keep watching out others from stealing his food.
  • Spill Proof Design to Reduce Waste: There is a no-waste lip in the bag to catch grain and prevent the food from falling off when horses raise or shake their heads. This is very useful if horses are fed with powders, pills or other supplements.
  • Medium Size for All Horse and Mules: The width of the bag is 9″ and the length is 10″, suitable for horses with medium heads. The length of the strap is 39″ with a buckle, you can easily adjust it by quick snapping on and off


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